About Us


What We Do

We are a free, volunteer run advice and support clinic for social housing tenants in Clerkenwell. Our founder is a social housing tenant.  

We make sure residents' voices are heard by assisting with writing letters, emails and contacting people on their behalves about a variety of issues including raising complaints about housing and services.   

We recommend and link residents to the best local advice partners to solve their problems in a variety of areas, for example:  



Welfare benefits 

Health and safety 



We work locally to prevent health and safety issues in homes by feeding back to tenants groups, landlords and service providers about problems raised,  so these can be caught early on and do not become serious risks. We also report about problems with service delivery residents are facing which need to be improved so these can be acted on.  


Why Our Work Matters

The Grenfell Tower disaster highlighted the dire need for change in the social housing sector and the way tenants are treated - for residents' concerns to be listened to and acted on, and an end to marginalisation. 

Currently, there's little recourse for social housing residents when they face health, safety or service issues in their properties. Due to lack of information and other factors, complaints are often not raised or followed up on. Data is sometimes not maintained or unavailable to landlords and tenant groups in order to effectively monitor such issues and act on them before they grow into major concerns. We collate this data,  allow residents to actively keep their own records, and amplify voices to improve safety.  

Local services are often oversubscribed and do not have capacity to provide what we do.  Public services are struggling to cope with budgetary cuts, which often has the most negative impact on those who are vulnerable or socially isolated, those without English language, IT or literacy skills, those with disabilities or health issues, and those with caring or other responsibilities. This has created inequality of access to advice and support services, preventing tenants from reaching an effective resolution to their problems.  We aim to redress this balance by giving tenants the tools they need to access the most suitable advice and solve their problems.